The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith
of Des Arc, Arkansas

Jesus once asked for a drink of water but then used the example of thirst to explain the power of his gift to humanity.1  He spoke of a living water that would forever satisfy spiritual thirst.  He later promised to offer this water – flowing from within – to any thirsty soul who would truly believe on him.  Jesus was referring to the gift of the Holy Ghost that believers would receive after he was glorified.2  He delivered this gospel to his apostles, who then spread it throughout the known world.3  It was written and preserved, and today we can still believe on him through their word.4 

  1. (1)John 4:5-14  (2) John 7:37-39  (3) Luke 24:44-49  (4) John 17:17-20

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Sunday 10:30 AM

Wednesday 7:15 PM

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712 Calhoun Street

Des Arc, AR  72040

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