Sunday Worship

Sunday Worship

Time: Sunday 11:00am

We gather for worship on Sunday mornings. For us, worship involves prayer, singing, preaching, glorifying God, and responding to Him. We broadcast a portion of the Worship Service online and invite you to listen live.

We Focus on Hope in God

For whatever reason, it is just easy to be negative. Church is a wonderful gift from God, but we can spoil even good things with too much focus on what is wrong. In our Sunday Worship Service, we try to always point to hope in the promises of God. We do believe the Bible teaches us to tell the truth and that there is an appropriate time for even sadness and grief. So, our path to encouragement may include an honest walk through the valley, but we will try to always end on a high note. We want everyone to leave a church service glad that they came. Every time.

We Are Sharing Not Performing

We are not professional musicians or public speakers. We try our best, but our goal is not to create a flawless performance or to entertain. We are sharing our worship experience, imperfections and all, in the hope that God will use us to help others. We pray God will use us to help you.

You are Welcome!

We hope you will join us at the church this coming Sunday or listen live online.